Semalt Talks About 5 Different Ways To Download Entire Website For Offline Use

Sometimes we need to have access to a site content while being offline. For this, we have to backup its files, but most of the hosting services don't provide this option. We might want to imitate the structure of a popular site, as well as to find out how its CSS or HTML files look like. Whatsoever the case may be, there are different ways to download entire website for offline access. Using one of the tools listed below, you can confidently download an entire site or the required number of pages. Whenever they require authentication, you can opt for their free versions and not to pay anything for premium plans. These tools are especially suitable for startups and medium-sized businesses.

1. HTTrack

HTTrack is a famous program or software to download an entire website. Its user-friendly and modern interface exponentially facilitates the work of users. You just need to insert the URL of the site you want to scrape and download it for offline access.

You can either download the entire website or highlight several pages to get them downloaded on your hard drive automatically. You also have to specify how many concurrent connections you want to open for downloading. If a specific file takes too long to download, it is possible to cancel the process right away.

2. Getleft

Getleft is a relatively new and modern program with lots of features and a user-friendly interface. Once downloaded and launched, you have to press "Ctrl + U" to get started. Enter an URL and save the directories. Before the downloading starts, Getleft will ask you how many files you want to download and whether they include texts and images. Once the downloading is completed, we can browse the entire website offline too.

3. PageNest

PageNest's features are similar to those of Getleft and HTTrack. You have to enter the website address and get it downloaded on your hard drive. Users are asked for such essentials as the name of a website and where it should be saved. You can also choose the desired options and adjust its settings.

4. Cyotek WebCopy

With Cyotek WebCopy, you need to use the predefined passwords for authentication. You can also create the rules with this latest program and get the entire site downloaded instantly for offline uses. The total size of a downloaded site and the total number of files are shown in the right corner of your desktop.

5. Wikipedia Dumps

Wikipedia does not advise us to use ordinary tools like and Kimono Labs to get the data downloaded for offline uses. Instead, it always recommends Wikipedia Dumps as this program ensures quality results. You can download the entire website in the XML format, extracting data that is beneficial for your website or online business.

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